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Re: alternating table column formats?

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  • katarn321
    ... on ... spacing ... there ... wouldnt be ... and ... the 2 ... definition ... I can do the column span, i shouldnt need to row span, it just makes the table
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30, 2003
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      > >From: "katarn321" <jeff@p...>
      > >
      > >Hi,
      > > Ive got to build a report style document using FO and need some
      > >help or suggestions. Ive got to create a layout where each entry
      > >the report is composed of 2 lines of data, each with its own
      > >and layout. I can do this with a different table for each line but
      > >since there are about 10 different colums of info on each line, the
      > >table definition will be fairly large for each row. Normally if
      > >was only one layout for the rows, the table definition size
      wouldnt be
      > >a problem, but since I have to do two completely different layouts,
      > >one for each row, I effectively have to re-define the table over
      > >over.
      > <snip/>
      > You havent mentioned the differences in spacing and layout between
      the 2
      > rows you mention, but have you considered having a single table
      > and merging cells together with number-columns-spanned and
      > number-rows-spanned?
      > _________________________________________________________________
      I can do the column span, i shouldnt need to row span, it just makes
      the table layout a bit more complicated. I was hoping there might be
      some easier way. The first row only has about 6 columns all to the
      left of the center of the page, the second row has 12 or so spanning
      the entire page. I guess it would mean adding maybe 4 more columns to
      allow for spanning to get everything to line up right. It may just
      come to that. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
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