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RE: [XSL-FO] xsl newbie question.. (and learning XSL-FO)

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  • G. Ken Holman
    ... There is an *excellent* FAQ at: http://www.dpawson.co.uk Also, we sell from our web site an extensively hyperlinked electronic book on XSL-FO that we
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 5, 2002
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      At 2002-11-04 22:31 -0500, Tony Weeg wrote:
      >that worked like a charm....where can i get info like
      >this, is there a good site?

      There is an *excellent* FAQ at:


      Also, we sell from our web site an extensively hyperlinked electronic book
      on XSL-FO that we author in XML and produce using XSL-FO (if you buy any
      edition you have access to all future editions at no charge). Prentice
      Hall is releasing a paper rendition in February, and it is also produced
      using XSL-FO, as was true for the paper rendition of our XSLT/XPath book.

      Yet another option is we also offer public hands-on courses in North
      America (you travel) and deliver on-site training anywhere in the world (I
      travel) http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/f/ as do many other companies
      (check out both Mulberry Technologies http://www.MulberryTech.com and
      ISOGEN International http://www.ISOGEN.com as they have quality materials
      and quality instructors ... the three of our companies have long histories
      in SGML that we have taken to XML ... you have lots of choices available to

      Our materials are licensed by companies around the world, so you may find
      there is someone close to you who is already teaching these technologies
      using our material.

      >can i parse cookie held variables
      >in and xsl/xml page...

      I'm not too sure what you mean by the use of the verb "to parse" in the
      above statement. If you have the cookie value somewhere in your XML source
      instance, you can use the XPath address of that value in an attribute value
      template as before. The XML processor in your XSLT processor has been used
      once to produce the XPath tree that your stylesheet addresses in the act of
      creating the result tree.

      >for instance, if i had a cookie variable called, TTT, and i wanted
      >that to show up in a url, could i call that cookie variable in xsl
      >and have it dynamically become part of the same url?

      <a href="index.cfm?reportId={$TTT}">Go back to the Report</a>

      Variables are referenced using $name notation ... but be aware that in any
      given scope variables do not vary. It may take some planning ahead for you
      to have the required value in your variable at the time you need it.

      Don't, however, be mistaken as many programmers approaching XSLT are that
      the value has to be in a variable before you can use it ... if the value
      you need can be obtained by an XPath address, you can just address
      it. XPath, like the DOM, gives access to the entire XML source instance at
      all times during the transformation process.

      I hope this helps.

      ............ Ken

      Upcoming hands-on in-depth XSLT/XPath and/or XSL-FO:
      - North America: Feb 3 - Feb 7,2003

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