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RE: [XSL-FO] span multiple columns?

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  • Pouliot, Brian R.
    Thanks. I tried it.....FOP doesn t support it. You have to explicity set the column size. Oh well, Brian ... From: Nikolai Grigoriev
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 2, 2001
      Thanks. I tried it.....FOP doesn't support it. You have to explicity set
      the column size.

      Oh well,


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      > It looks like "n-columns-spanned" is defining how many columns inherit the
      > PROPERTIES of the fo:table-column element.

      The property is spelled "number-columns-spanned".

      > Right, but when you say 'how many columns the cell takes up', do you mean
      > the area in the cell (i.e., block(s) or 'children'of the cell) -because
      > then, I am under the impression that that doesn't span.

      They should. I dare suggest you to look at
      http://www.renderx.com/testcases.html - there are some tests on tables
      functionality, including one specifically designed to test cells spanning
      multiple rows/columns (table_spans.fo).

      > I'm hoping someone else may answer here, too! In my particular
      > cell 'contents' don't span, and if I don't specify as many 'cells' as
      > 'columns' in a given row, I get an error.

      Probably your FO formatter does not support this functionality. By the spec,
      number of cells in a row need not be equal to the number of column
      (that may be absent at all).


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