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RE: [XSL-FO] xml tree representation

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  • Anders Svensson
    Maybe someone would be able to figure this problem out if they saw the source code (very simple experimenting code) from VB. This takes the XML input and tries
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2002
      Maybe someone would be able to figure this problem out if they saw the source code (very simple experimenting code) from VB. This takes the XML input and tries to plot the elements out in the picture box. If I had gotten this right I had planned to go on to drawing lines in the tree, but I never got that far.. As it is, it plots elements out, but incorrectly. Here goes - any help appreciated as always:

      Sub DrawTree()


      End Sub

      Function Draw(node)
      Dim xPos
      Dim yPos
      xPos = 130
      yPos = 20
      frmDrawTree.Picture1.Print node
      ' frmDrawTree.Picture1.Line (xPos + 2, yPos + 15)-(xPos - 10, yPos + 50), RGB(0, 0, 0)
      End Function

      Sub LoadXML()

      Dim xmlDoc As MSXML2.DOMDocument
      Set xmlDoc = New MSXML2.DOMDocument
      xmlDoc.LoadXML ("<customer><first_name>Joe</first_name><last_name>Smith</last_name></customer>")
      Call tree_walk(xmlDoc, 160, 20)
      End Sub

      Function WalkTree(node)
      Dim xnode As MSXML2.DOMDocument
      Set xnode = node

      If xnode.hasChildNodes Then
      For Each child In xnode.childNodes
      Call Draw(xnode.firstChild)

      End Function

      Function tree_walk(node, prevNodeSpace, ySpace)

      Dim nodeName
      Dim child
      Dim i
      Dim spaceVar
      Dim tempNodeSpace

      tempNodeSpace = prevNodeSpace

      For Each child In node.childNodes
      frmDrawTree.Picture1.CurrentX = prevNodeSpace
      frmDrawTree.Picture1.CurrentY = ySpace
      Call Draw(node.childNodes(i).nodeName)

      prevNodeSpace = prevNodeSpace * 3

      prevNodeSpace = tempNodeSpace

      For Each child In node.childNodes
      If child.hasChildNodes Then
      prevNodeSpace = prevNodeSpace / 2
      ySpace = ySpace + 20
      prevNodeSpace = prevNodeSpace
      Call tree_walk(child, prevNodeSpace, ySpace)

      End If

      End Function



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      Subject: Re: [XSL-FO] xml tree representation

      At 2002-03-01 08:10 -0800, Paul Tyson wrote:
      >In either case, you could use XSLT to emit a plain text file representing
      >the nodes and their relationships, then call the graph layout program to
      >produce a graphic file.
      >----- Original Message -----
      >From: "Anders Svensson" <asn@...>
      >To: <XSL-FO@yahoogroups.com>
      >Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 7:18 AM
      >Subject: [XSL-FO] xml tree representation
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > I'm looking for a way to create a graph/tree representation of an xml
      > document,

      To use XSLT to emit the plain text file representing the nodes, we have a
      free resource called SHOWTREE (follow the "Resource library" link at the
      top of our home page noted below; it is the third entry in the library).

      I hope this helps.

      ............. Ken

      X:\samp>type partlist.xml
      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <part-list bin="78"><part nbr="A123">bolt</part>
      <part nbr="B456">washer</part><warn type="refill"/>
      <!--end of parts--><?cursor blink under?>

      X:\samp>saxon partlist.xml z:\data\kendata\dev\showtree\showtree.xsl
      SHOWTREE Stylesheet
      Processor: SAXON 6.5 from Michael Kay
      1 Comment: {start}
      2 Element 'part-list':
      2.A Attribute 'bin': {78}
      2.1 Element 'part' (part-list):
      2.1.A Attribute 'nbr': {A123}
      2.1.1 Text (part-list,part): {bolt}
      2.2 Text (part-list): {
      2.3 Element 'part' (part-list):
      2.3.A Attribute 'nbr': {B456}
      2.3.1 Text (part-list,part): {washer}
      2.4 Element 'warn' (part-list):
      2.4.A Attribute 'type': {refill}
      2.5 Text (part-list): {
      2.6 Comment (part-list): {end of parts}
      2.7 Proc. Inst. 'cursor' (part-list): {blink under}
      2.8 Text (part-list): {

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