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985Re: [XSL-FO] xep 2.7 is having trouble with docbook FO output

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  • David Tolpin
    Nov 8, 2001
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      > Thanks, David.
      > I did take a quick look at the spec. My reading of it is as follows:
      > If the attribute "master-reference" appears in, say,
      > fo:conditional-page-master-reference (among others) it must contain a value
      > that has been defined earlier/elsewhere.
      > Is that the correct interpretation? Your error message says the
      > "master-reference" attribute is required, absolutely.


      the error message you are getting is because master-name is used where master-reference should.
      And yes, master-reference is required for fo:conditional-page-master-reference.

      David Tolpin
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