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7414Xml2PDF Server 2007 version 1.1 is released

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  • Altsoft Xml2PDF
    Oct 11, 2007
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      Altsoft is proud to announce the release of Xml2PDF Server 2007
      version 1.1 and the accompanying family of products. In addition to
      new features and enchancements the release includes a new product
      Xml2PDF Commander 2007 that provides the command line interface to
      Xml2PDF Server 2007.

      Altsoft Xml2PDF 2007 is a family of products for automatic conversion
      of Microsoft Word 2003-2007, XSL-FO, SVG and XHTML documents into
      PDF, XPS, PS and TIFF output. It contains now the free Xml2PDF
      Workstation 2007 for desktop use, the commercial Xml2PDF Server 2007
      (.NET API), and the new Xml2PDF Commander 2007 for server use via
      command line interface.

      The major new features of Xml2PDF 2007 version 1.1 are:

      - VML line-art support for Microsoft Word 2003-2007
      - Generation of PDF output conforming PDF/A or PDF/X specifications

      The new Xml2PDF Commander 2007 is distributed as a stand-alone
      command-line application or as a free add-on to Xml2PDF Server 2007.
      It also provides integration with Gradual SWITCH 07, the document
      workflow automation solution. Please, visit Gradual Software web site
      at http://www.gradual.com/ to explore new opportunities in
      integrating Altsoft Xml2PDF Server 2007 into complex automation

      The free Xml2PDF Workstation 2007 and the trial versions of Xml2PDF
      Server 2007 and Commander 2007 are available for download at

      http://www.alt-soft.com/Downloads.aspx .

      Please, visit Altsoft web site at http://www.alt-
      soft.com/Products.aspx for more information on Xml2PDF family of

      Altsoft S.A.