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7411Re: text-align issue with fop 0.93

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  • kpuppala
    Aug 28, 2007
      I haven't got any responses for the below mentioned issue. I was
      going through the 'known Issues' list for fop 0.93 and it does
      mention about word spacing not working as expected. The corresponding
      testcase is named block_word_spacing_text_align_justify.xml. There is
      not a whole lot of information provided on this issue. For the pudits
      on this forum, do you see any corelation between the issue I am faced
      and the one already documented? If so, are there any workarounds.

      --- In XSL-FO@yahoogroups.com, kumar puppala <kpuppala@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > We have been using apache fop 0.20.5 and are
      > planning to switch to .93 version. One difference I
      > noticed between the two is when we have
      > text-align="justify" set on an fo:block. I don't see
      > the text justified properly as it used to do in the
      > previous version. Are there any known issues here?
      > Thanks,
      > Kumar
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