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7358Re: [XSL-FO] keep-togethers not working

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  • W. Eliot Kimber
    Apr 3, 2007
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      mina_hurray wrote:
      > Hi:
      > I am trying to keep a table title and the table together but it does
      > not work. I have set keep-with-next="always" for the title. What
      > happens is if the table cannot fit on the same page, it splits the row
      > just to keep the title and table together when what I expect is that
      > is the table does not fit on the page, then the title and the table
      > should flow to the next page.

      You will need to put a keep-together.within-column on the first table
      row. If the title plus first row won't fit on the current page, that
      should force the table to the next page.

      Another useful trick is to use multiple table-bodies to group a few rows
      together to make sure they stay together, for example, if you have a
      table with lots of thin rows and you want to make sure that say the
      first 6 or last 6 rows are always kept together.

      What you don't want to do is force the entire table to stay together
      unless you know it will never exceed the space available, because if it
      overflows the space available, the result is largely unpredicatable and
      likely to be bad.


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