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72533 column layout

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  • laborde
    Sep 1, 2006

      I use XEP 4.0, and I need to create a brochure with 3 columns,
      landscape, size 11x8.5 paper. I think I understand setting span to none
      or all, but is there a way to insert a "break" in a column? Like a page
      break? That is, I know what text should appear in each column, but if
      column 1 is short, I don't see how to force a break so that the text for
      column 2 will start at the top of column 2 instead of at the bottom of
      column 1. Am I supposed to just tweak the padding and such until each
      section of text appears in the proper column?

      I'm having trouble explaining. I hope that makes sense. I have 2 manuals
      but don't know what I'm looking for. Should I just try doing this with
      tables instead?

      I appreciate your help. If someone could just tell me what keywords to
      search would be great.

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