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7245Re: [XSL-FO] Re: Cannot create xml file for add Font to FOP-0.20.5

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  • Chris Bowditch
    Aug 25, 2006
      Ken Sands wrote:

      > Im on 0.90 beta, it's perfectly stable for my current uses, I'd upgrade
      > if a newer version was twice as fast or something but currently due to
      > the lack of duplex control support in fop I have to modify the code to
      > add duplexing whenever I get a new version, thats enough hassle that
      > I'll be sticking with my 0.90beta for a bit.
      > Besides, it's not me with a problem, it's Thierry trying to make fonts,
      > perhaps he'll have more luck with an update.

      The upgrade comment was aimed at both of you. But its not compulsory of
      course, just recommended.

      What output format are you generating? You can insert Postscript
      commands into Postscript output using the extension described here:


      This was added after 0.90alpha was released. This means you can tell the
      printer to print in Duplex, the only other thing its necessary to do is
      to insert blanks for the reverse side where the content takes up an odd
      number of pages. This is easily done using the options on the
      page-sequence element.


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