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7209Re: [XSL-FO] Apache FOP 0.20.5 Image Issue for PCL

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  • Peter Wu
    Jun 30, 2006
      Hi Kumar,

      I don't know if text-align works for images in 0.20.5.
      I have a faint impression of having tried this before
      without success.

      I looked at my own code and saw that I center the
      image by setting left-padding = (the page page width -
      image width) divided by 2.


      --- kumar puppala <kpuppala@...> wrote:

      > Hello All:
      > I am experiencing a problem with PCL images using
      > Apache FOP 0.20.5. If I have an
      > <fo:external-graphic>
      > element and specify text-align property, it is not
      > honored. The markup looks something like this:
      > <fo:block font-size="10pt"
      > text-align-"center"><fo:external-graphic
      > text-align="center"
      > The text-align property is honored when doing PDF
      > rendering for the same markup. Is there any known
      > issue here and do we have a bugfix which I can
      > implement in my version of source code?
      > Thanks,
      > Kumar Puppala
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