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7201Re: [XSL-FO] XSL-FO rendering Issue for PCL format

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  • Chris Bowditch
    May 31, 2006
      kumar puppala wrote:
      > Thanks for the suggestion. I am already using that
      > option in my page-sequence but it does not help. I
      > guess there might be some implementation difference
      > between PCL and PDF rendering which is causing this
      > to happen only in PCL. Is anyone aware of any bugfix
      > or any other property I can use to fix my problem?

      In FOP 0.20.5 there is a massive difference between the PDF Renderer and
      PCL Renderer. The PDF Renderer is quite mature, whilst PCL will work for
      only the simpliest of documents. Consider upgrading to the latest 0.9x
      code from SVN where an improved PCL Renderer has been implemented.

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