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7164XML to Pdf coversion

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  • ravi gupta
    Apr 25, 2006
      i m a member of XSL-FO group, i m working on xml to pdf conversion tool, can u just guide tht wher i can get information that how it process the INPUT file and how produce the OUTPUT. plz help me . atleast tell me some site name where i can get information related to tht,


      Mads Hansen <madscmhansen3@...> wrote:

      You are correct, there is an easier way to obtain the invoice total from the XML data, whether calculated from the XML records using functions such as sum (http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/xpath_functions.asp#sequence), or from selecting a single value within the XML data.

      Any time you use an xsl:value-of, the select uses an XPATH expression that can pull nodes from anywhere within the XML document. You can specify a specific location, or relative from where you are within the document node-tree when the xsl:value-of is called.

      It looks as if you have done a decent job of specifying the structure of your FO document, but are trying to process all of the content sequentially (top to bottom). However, you should remember that XSLT stylesheets do not need to read the information in document order(from start to end). When you specify an and other xslt functions, you controll what node-set is fed into the processor through XPATH expressions in the select="" that can pull node-sets relative to where you are standing in the node-tree or that can jump to completely different nodes in the XML node tree ( returns the Unit_Price of the third Detail_Line in the invoice document).

      If you brush up on your XPATH expressions and combine that with some XSLT functions, such as sum(), you should be able to calculate the invoice total from the order details, rather than putting it in each record.

      Hope that helps,

      freefly_xml wrote: There must be a way to do this without repeating the invoice total
      on each detail line but I haven't been able to figure it out.
      I could change the code that creates the xml to only include the
      totals on the last line but that seems like a work around that isn't
      the right way to go about it

      Any ideas? Here is an example of what I'm working on.

      This example makes me think I should be able to get to any of the
      XML inside my XSL at any time, I couldn't figure out how to make it
      work, I tried every variation I could think of.

      Please let me know is I'm missing some simple syntax issue or if I'm
      going about the entire thing incorrectly.



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