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7160RE: [XSL-FO] Crop marks ... once again (files listed in e-mail)

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  • Henk Hartkamp
    Apr 24, 2006
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      Hello Jirka,

      Thanks for your reaction, it's working fine now.

      I put the xsl:processing-instruction's at the wrong place in the xslt. I
      changed the position into the front of the fo:root element (the place you
      suggested) and now it is working fine.

      I also found out that these processing-instruction's only work with XEP 4.5
      (I've got a trial version), XEP 4.4 doesn't support these instructions.

      Thanks again,


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      Onderwerp: Re: [XSL-FO] Crop marks ... once again (files listed in

      Henk Hartkamp wrote:

      > I m so sorry but the attached files were stripped in this Yahoo group.
      > I included the instructions in the xml and xslt. Perhaps i have put them
      > the wrong place. To show you the xml and the xslt files I listed them
      > XML:
      > <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      > <?xep-pdf-crop-offset 24pt?>
      > <?xep-pdf-bleed 1mm?>
      > <?xep-pdf-crop-mark-width 3mm?>

      You can place such instructions into your XSLT file, before fo:root in a


      There is also possibility to tunnel PIs from source document to the
      target in XSLT, but it will not work with your current template arrangement.
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