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7150Re: [XSL-FO] vertical alignment in sidebar

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  • laborde
    Apr 14, 2006
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      Eliot Kimber wrote:
      > When I test your example with XSL Formatter V3 or XEP V4 the line height
      > in the floats is as expected, so it looks like you're seeing a bug in
      > your FO implementation. You can try putting the property on the
      > block-container instead of the float (which is probably the better place
      > for it anyway).
      I tried but with no luck, and I'm using XEP V4, so the bug has to be
      me. I apologize. I've stripped my test files to bare bones, but I must
      have left something that is interfering. I'll start from scratch and
      find it. But I'm very glad you tested this anyway because....
      > However, in testing this I noticed that unless the float was the first
      > thing in the containing block that both XSL Formatter and XEP aligned
      > the float with the top of the *next* line.
      Yes, and I thought that was getting out of line because of the whole
      other line-height issue. I would never have figured out how to fix this.
      Your solution works perfectly. Thank you!
      > You need to set the conditionality because by default space before is
      > conditional and the block container in the side float is the first thing
      > in its containing reference area and therefore its space before would be
      > discarded by default.
      I didn't know and am very glad to learn that. Thanks so much for
      *all* your help.
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