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7134Re: [XSL-FO] Initial page question

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  • Eliot Kimber
    Mar 24, 2006
      C. Myers wrote:
      > Mybe I was as clear as I would like to be. I am trying
      > again. When you open a book, you have a page on the
      > left side and another page on the right. So, I refer
      > these as the left page and the right page. Usually the
      > book starts at the right page, but sometimes I need
      > the first page starts on the left. Since the left and
      > right page's margins are different, I was wondering
      > how/what I should specify in the page-sequence that
      > would accomondate this requirements? I copied some
      > portions of my layout below, thanks a lot for any
      > lights.

      If you specify initial-page-number="auto-even" on the fo:page-sequence
      element then the page sequence will start on an even (left) page.

      Note that a (left-to-right) book cannot physically start on an even
      page--the first physical page will always be a right-hand page. So if
      the first page with content is even, you will need to generate a blank
      first page.



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