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7101Re: [XSL-FO] Do 3B2 pagination type features available in XSL:FO

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  • G. Ken Holman
    Feb 2 6:40 AM
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      At 2006-02-02 04:20 +0000, Anjani Maurya wrote:
      >I am a template developer using 3B2 pagination software. I want to
      >know does any xslfo formatter provides such features as avialable in
      >other pagination softwares(i.e quark-express, indesign, 3B2 etc.)

      While the software you cite is self-contained, using XSL-FO for
      styling is the second step of a two-step process of algorithmically
      preparing your content for layout (often with XSLT, though not
      mandatory) and then using XSL-FO for the actual layout constructs.

      Also, some vendors may offer extensions one can use to engage
      features not described by the semantics of XSL-FO layout.

      >a). making round corner boxes,

      Not round-corner boxes, but areas can be bordered.

      >drawing rules.

      Yes for horizontal rules.

      >b). adjusting left, right, top and bottom margins.


      >c). auto generating footnotes.

      Footnote layout is supported in XSL-FO, it is up to your
      transformation step to decide what goes into the footnotes. Since
      there is nothing "automatic" in an arbitrary transformation, I would
      not say "auto generating". But the combination of transformation and
      XSL-FO supports many footnote citation requirements.

      Notably one requirement not met by XSL-FO is a footnote whose
      citation scheme restarts on a page break.

      >d). placing figures and table near to their callouts in the running
      > text.

      Responsibility of the transformation. XSL-FO does include floating
      content to the nearest "top of page", which might be what you are asking.

      >e). frames with unequal column widths.

      Pages can only have equal-sized evenly-spaced columns for flowed
      content. Tables can have arbitrary unequal column widths.

      >f). colour-gradient styles.

      I don't understand your need here ... XSL-FO provides for the
      arbitrary specification of colour that can then be interpreted by the
      vendor's tool.

      >g). recto-verso style variation etc.

      Yes, XSL-FO provides for different header/footer content based on
      page parity, but no, XSL-FO does not provide for "inside/outside"
      formatting of the flow based on page parity.

      I hope this helps. On our web site linked in my trailer below, under
      the "Books & free excerpts" section you can download for free an
      excerpt of the book we sell on XSL-FO that should answer a lot of
      your questions and give you a good overview.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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