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7059Re: [XSL-FO] Why XSL-FO? Any WYSIWYG tools?

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  • G. Ken Holman
    Dec 23, 2005
      At 2005-12-23 08:23 -0500, pcarey@... wrote:
      > >So can someone tell me what the justification for
      > >XSL-FO is?
      >Automatic publishing, in-house DTP (30+ languages), fortune, fame.

      Works for me! I've been making a good living off of XSL since 1998.

      >XSL-FO = XSLT + FO, and XSLT is an insanely powerful language.

      I would have said: XSL = XSLT + FO ... there's a lot of confusion
      around this so I thought it might be useful to give another opinion
      than the line you used.

      >I would recommend the following course of action:
      >1) Buy Michael Kay's XSLT programmer's reference
      >2) Download an evaluation copy of Antenna House's FO formatter
      >3) Lock yourself in a room for 2 months :)

      4) Attend training! We are running 3 days of XSLT and 2 days of
      XSL-FO, hands-on with exercises, the week of March 13-17, 2006 in
      Denver, Colorado. Our web site has testimonials and blog links from
      former students.

      Also, on our web site linked below, in the right margin link "Books
      and free excerpts", you'll find downloadable PDF excerpts of the XSLT
      and XSL-FO PDF books that we sell from our web site. Print versions
      of these have also been published by Prentice Hall, but buying the
      electronic edition entitles the purchaser to perpetual free updates
      to new editions. Some company employees and the US Government
      employees have no-charge access to worldwide licenses.

      I tried to make the free excerpts useful references in their own right.

      Using XML, XSLT and XSL-FO to create and produce these PDF files,
      they are extensively hyperlinked internally and out to the
      web. XSL-FO was also used to produce the Prentice Hall editions ...
      and we claim (because we haven't been told otherwise) that the XSLT
      book "Definitive XSLT and XPath" is the first commercial book sold
      off the store shelves that was produced end-to-end with XML, XSLT and
      XSL-FO ... we just shipped a copy-ready PDF file to the publisher for
      printing. That layout format is different than the online PDF layout
      format, which is also different than my projection slides when
      teaching, proving the power of single-source publishing. All of
      those products are produced from a single set of sources.

      I hope this helps.

      . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

      Upcoming XSLT/XSL-FO hands-on courses: Denver,CO March 13-17,2006
      World-wide on-site corporate, govt. & user group XML/XSL training.
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