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6850Re: [XSL-FO] Re: How do I generate page-number-within-chapter?

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  • Peter Wu
    Oct 7, 2005

      Please disregard my last posting.

      What follows is what I actually wanted to post.



      Hello Peter this is Alex from Antenna House support.
      I'm sorry I took
      so long in getting back to you. Please find attached
      an example of
      you are looking for. Using the Antenna House
      extension property
      axf:physical-page-number it is possible to get both
      absolute page
      numbering and section page numbering.

      If you have any more questions don't hesitate to
      contact support.


      Peter Wu wrote:

      >Do you support section page numbers as well as
      >absolute page numbers?
      >For example...
      >Section IV ---> Page 1 of 82
      >Absolute ---> Page 2501 of 2582

      Alex Critchfield
      Support Specialist
      Antenna House
      7272 Wisconsin Ave.
      Suite 300
      Bethesda, Maryland 20814
      Phone: +1 301-941-1925
      Email: alex@...
      Web: www.antennahouse.com
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