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6771Re: [XSL-FO] Streaming generated Pdf using FOPServlet- Saving Problem

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  • Jirka Kosek
    Sep 16, 2005
      vijay_singh wrote:

      > I don't know if somebody has come across this issue. We are using FOP
      > Servlet and we dynamically generated PDF on fly and stream it to the
      > browser. As we are not creating a output file, the generated pdf file
      > takes the name of the URL in the browser window. Is there anyway to
      > give a name to the file, so that when users save the generated file
      > they see the proper name of the file and not the URL in the browser.

      Try adding these HTTP headers in your HTTP response:

      Content-type: application/pdf (or application/octet-stream with some
      Content-disposition: filename=foo.pdf

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