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6618Re: [XSL-FO] html2pdf, FO Lists, XSL question

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  • Eliot Kimber
    Jun 13, 2005
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      arianhojat2000 wrote:
      But if a list is in one of these
      > sub-documents, setting up the indents by merely checking how many
      > ancestor ol/ul's it has is impossible since xsl doesnt 'see' any in
      > the new document when its ancestors are in the parent document which
      > called it. is there an easy way to do this without somehow sending
      > parameters in my xsl?

      You can a two-step process whereby you first resolve all the includes to
      create a new document tree that reflects all the content from all the
      documents then apply your formatting logic to that. This can all be done
      within a single XSLT process.

      But note that if you put the nested lists inside the list-item-body for
      the outer list, you only need to set the width of the list-item-label
      without regard to its nesting level. That might solve your problem.


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