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6616html2pdf, FO Lists, XSL question

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  • arianhojat2000
    Jun 13, 2005
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      i was making a html-like language to pdf stylesheet and I was
      wondering is there a way to have a fo list within a list without
      specifying the start distances each time? Kinda like html where u
      just have to put a list within another list tag and all indent
      formatting is taken care of(maybe a top level fo attribute that sets
      it for all sublists)?

      I looked at a html2pdf tutorial to set up alot of my rules but
      my problem is i can have an element in my html langugage called
      which breaks up documents into smaller documents that i can include
      like <include href="htmlfile.xml"/>. But if a list is in one of these
      sub-documents, setting up the indents by merely checking how many
      ancestor ol/ul's it has is impossible since xsl doesnt 'see' any in
      the new document when its ancestors are in the parent document which
      called it. is there an easy way to do this without somehow sending
      parameters in my xsl?

      P.S. my include element applies templates this way...
      <xsl:template match="include">
      <xsl:apply-templates select="document(@href)/Document/*" />
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