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6588Re: [XSL-FO] Pagination question.

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  • Ben Trafford
    Jun 1, 2005
      At 03:46 AM 6/1/2005, Chris Bowditch wrote:
      >I could be wrong but, it sounds like you have placed all of your document
      >inside a fo:block-container. the contents of a fo:block-container cannot flow
      >from one page to the next. Try replacing the fo:block-container with a

      I hadn't, actually. Most of the content is in neither an
      fo:block-container nor an fo:block -- most of it's in fo:tables.

      What would be really helpful would be if some could post a tiny
      code snippet that would get me started. Usually, when I run into these
      problems, the way to fix it becomes obvious when I see an example.

      To reiterate what I need to do: have a block of text flow
      correctly from one page to the next, with a header on the first page, a
      different header on the following pages, and a footer that appears only
      when the text flow is complete.

      I -know- this can't be that hard, but I find the XSL-FO spec
      somewhat impenetrable at the best of times, and in the few years I've been
      using XSL-FO, I've never had this particular situation come up.

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