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6371Re: [XSL-FO] Creating bookmarks

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  • Eliot Kimber
    Apr 9, 2005
      Dave Pawson wrote:
      > On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 13:57 -0700, Mike Ferrando wrote:
      >>Dave P.,
      >>I couldn't understand you reply.
      >>Is the "rec." anywhere close concerning these XSL-FO bookmarks?
      > I took it to mean Adobe PDF bookmarks Mike, which aren't supported
      > in the rec AFAIK?
      > I believe they are supported as implementor extensions?

      Bookmarks are provided for in the current 1.1 working draft and most
      implementations seem to be in the process of implementing them.

      In addition, I believe all the implementations provide some sort of
      extension for generating PDF bookmarks today. I think XEP's design is
      closest to the 1.1 spec design, which lets you define a separate
      "bookmark tree" that is distinct from the main page sequence area tree.


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