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6196XSLFormatter, Fonts and W2K Server

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  • jwinkle007
    Feb 3, 2005

      We have XSLFormatter 2.5.6 installed on a Win2K server. We have
      noticed that when we try to generate a PDF the FO file is displayed
      with the proper TrueType fonts, but when the PDF is generated another
      font has been substituted, i.e. Courier.

      We had originally thought that the problem might have been that
      XSLFormatter was installed on a different drive than the fonts, but
      I've since installed it on the C drive with the fonts. This did not
      fix the problem.

      The strange thing is I can install XSLFormatter on my laptop with
      Win2K Pro and have no problems. The PDF that's generated has the
      correct fonts. Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions?

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