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584Re: [XSL-FO] Re: [xsl] Library functions

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  • Nikolai Grigoriev
    Aug 8, 2001
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      > Nikolai Grigoriev writes:
      > > content-width="max(2in, 50%)"
      > >
      > > Width of an image should be 2 inches or 50% of the parent reference
      > > area width, whichever is greater. The width of an area is calculated
      > > during formatting, and depends on page width; you cannot get it in XSLT.
      > why cant you work it out from first principles in the XSLT, since you
      > know the page width, and all subsequent dimensions?

      Because you can have page masters with different widths for e.g. right and left
      pages. Until you actually format the text, you don't know on which page
      your image happens to occur.

      > I would find it hard to see why a designer would issue a spec like
      > that, but no matter.

      I admit that my examples are artificial; I never use expressions in real
      stylesheets. The only "practical" application is for centering a table
      of a given width within a page:

      <fo:table width="3in" start-indent="50% - 1.5in">

      This one is hard to do it without expressions. (Surely, I'd prefer having one
      more attribute for aligning block within another block and not having
      expressions at all...)

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