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5716RE: [XSL-FO] chapter numbering

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  • Norma Yeazell
    Aug 24, 2004
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      Thanks again Ken that did the trick

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      Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 9:53 AM
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      Subject: RE: [XSL-FO] chapter numbering

      At 2004-08-24 09:34 -0400, Norma Yeazell wrote:
      >This is a follow-up to my earlier question. I have the chapters
      >numbering correctly now, but would like the page numbers to restart
      >each dmodule within the chapter. I assume I need a new page sequence to
      >accomplish this but I do not understand how to make this work. If I
      >repeat the sequence I get the entire document again.
      >When I started this we were just printing one dmodule at a time and
      >everything worked fine but we have added the wrapper tags pm and
      >to put the book together.
      >My xml would look like:
      ><dmodule> content A</dmodule>
      ><dmodule> content A</dmodule>
      ><dmodule> content A</dmodule>
      ><dmodule> content B</dmodule>
      ><dmodule> content B</dmodule>
      ><dmodule> content B</dmodule>

      Your stylesheet would be better structured like:

      <xsl:template match="pm">
      <!--do root stuff-->
      <xsl:apply-templates select="chapter"/>

      <xsl:template match="chapter">
      <!--do chapter stuff-->
      <xsl:apply-templates select="dmodule"/>

      <xsl:template match="dmodule">
      <!--do module stuff-->
      <fo:page-sequence initial-page-number="1" ...>
      <!--do module content-->

      ><xsl:template match="/">

      Your code appears to be trying to do *everything* inside of the
      of the root node ... my gut feel is that a modular approach will solve

      I hope this helps.

      ....................... Ken

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