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5691Re: [XSL-FO] HTML -> FO transformation

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  • J.Pietschmann
    Aug 13, 2004
      pack_jam wrote:
      > i am trying to produce PDF from HTML (itself transformed from source
      > XML). apparently FO is one of the ways to accomplish this; however, i
      > have had no luck with the HTML->FO transformation.
      > i found one IBM XSLT (xhtml-to-xslfo.xsl) which supposedly did this,
      > but it frequently produces invalid FO, and plasters its own name
      > across the output. if i actually spoke the FO language, i could edit
      > it; but i am trying to use it just as a stepping-stone between HTML
      > and PDF.
      > does anyone have another (better) way to get from HTML to FO? input
      > much appreciated.

      - There is a HTML2FO project on SourceForge. I you find it useful,
      post a review here.
      - There is an XHTML2FO.xsl out there IIRC by AntennaHouse, which
      should be easily to find by googling or searching the FOP user
      list archive.
      - Learn XSLFO.

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