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5593XSL Formatter V3.1 Lite release information

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  • Keiko Hiraide
    Jul 1, 2004
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      XSL Formatter V3.1 Lite release information

      July 1, 2004
      Antenna House, Inc.

      Antenna House, Inc. is pleased to inform you that our XSL-FO processor
      [XSL Formatter V3.1 Lite] is now available. XSL Formatter V3.1 Lite is a
      popular version of XSL Formatter V3.1, it limits some of the high-quality
      functions of V3.1 (hereafter Standard) and is a lower-cost alternative to
      V3.1 Standard. V3.1 Lite is suitable for customers who don't need the
      multilingual function, formatting a great deal of pages, etc. But it's
      still full of many other attractive functions.

      Followings are the limited functions of XSL Formatter V3.1 Lite.

      *Total page number of the formatted pages are limited to 300. The
      watermark that shows the limited version is displayed on the back
      ground and the URL of our Website is displayed at the bottom of the
      pages which exceed 300.

      *Arabic, Hebrew and Thai are not supported. The formatted result is
      not correct.

      *Japanese, Chinese and Korean are not supported. Though the characters
      are displayed, the vertical writing mode, control of line breaking at
      symbols, adjustment of punctuation, etc., are not performed.

      *Impossible to input/output the area tree.

      *Text Output is not supported.

      See also the limited FO with XSL Formatter Lite for more details.


      *V3.1 Lite doesn't include 90 day warranty maintenance period.
      1. Customer must purchase an Annual Maintenance Contract to receive
      technical support and maintenance service.
      2. The content of V3.1 Lite Annual Maintenance provided to customers
      is the same as V3.1 Standard.

      Mailing List

      Antenna House, Inc. is pleased to inform you that XSL Formatter Mailing
      List is now available for all registered users of Antenna House, Inc.
      The purpose of this mailing list is to exchange the knowledge of XSL,
      share the ideas and solutions among the Antenna House users. Please join
      the Mailing List right now.

      Who can join the mailing list?

      XSL Formatter Mailing List is provided by Antenna House, Inc., as a
      service to all the XSL Formatter registered users for V2, V3, V3 Lite
      and XSL Template Designer. This is the Mailing List for the discussion
      of XSL Formatter, XSL Template Designer, questions, XSL-FO and

      Visit the following URL to subscribe to the XSL Formatter Mailing List

      For any inquiries, system consulting and product integration, please
      contact us at:

      For the bug report, maintenance service, please send emails to at: