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5521selecting data from a page to use on that page

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  • Oosterbaan, Douglas S. (LNG-DAY)
    Jun 7, 2004
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      Does anyone know of a way to select data from one region of a page
      and use it in another region on that same page? For instance, if someone
      were formatting a dictionary and wanted to put the first and last words on
      the page in a header on that page, how would that be done? The XML
      doesn't know what the first/last words will be on a formatted page, so they
      be marked up in the original document. It's really not known until after
      region-body has been rendered. Depending on how a page is formatted the
      last word might be 'anatomy' or the last word may be 'apple', or something
      Is there any way using Apache FOP to select data from a page and use it in
      a header on that same page?

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