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5484[ANN] RenderX XEP for .NET is released

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  • Nikolai Grigoriev
    Apr 30, 2004
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      Dear list subcribers,

      RenderX has released XEP.NET - an XSL Formatting Engine for Microsoft .NET platform.

      XEP.NET is a Visual J#/.NET port of RenderX XEP, an XSL formatter for Java;
      its functionality and XSL FO support level are identical to the Java version.
      The XEP.NET core is wrapped in an API that exposes standard .NET interfaces
      for XML processing. This public API forms a .NET class library component
      that can be used from any .NET programming language: C#, VB.NET, or J#.NET.
      Additionally, the software includes a class library for MSXML integration that
      allows use of MSXML SAX parser and transformation APIs in addition to .NET
      system interfaces.

      The new product is available from the Xattic online shop (http://shop.xattic.com)
      in several different editions. There is a free trial edition, and an academic edition
      available upon request to educational and research institutions.

      All editions include XEP.NET Assistant - a graphical shell to make
      formatting more convenient, and command-line tools for launching
      the formatter and the validator.

      Best regards,
      Nikolai Grigoriev