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5399XSL Template Designer V1.0 release information (Antenna House, Inc.)

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  • Kazumi Hara
    Apr 2, 2004
      XSL Template Designer V1.0 release information

      April 2, 2004
      Antenna House, Inc.

      Antenna House, Inc. is pleased to inform you of our new product
      [ XSL Template Designer V1.0 ]. This is a software that designs
      XML form by using GUI, and merges the layout and your XML data
      to produce XSL-FO for creating PDF or print files with Antenna
      House XSL Formatter.

      The main features of XSL Template Designer are:
      * Two programs in one
      A Windows based GUI Designer and a Java Runtime Engine are in XSL
      Template Designer.

      * A user-friendly Windows GUI.
      Design your complex XML forms quickly and simply with the intuitive
      GUI that offers a true WYSIWYG of the form.

      * No knowledge of stylesheets or programming
      Without having a knowledge of XSLT Stylesheets, XSL-FO or programming,
      you can freely arrange static and dynamic elements in the layout pane.
      Then a Java Runtime Engine merges the layout and XML data to produce
      XSL-FO to work with Antenna House XSL Formatter.

      * Wide range of built-in functions
      Complex processing can be specified and executed easily with the wide
      range of format specification and built-in functions.

      * Three layout types
      Supports three layout types, Fixed layout for rigid forms, Flow layout
      for forms that have expanding fields to accommodate the data, and Label

      * Flexibility for designing
      Both variable type and fixed type can be specified to the object such as
      table, cell and text. Complex and nested repetition of elements and
      objects can be specified.

      * Interface
      The Java Interface of the Runtime Engine is designed to enable the
      construction of systems that require server side printing of forms.
      A command line interface is also available.

      For more information, please visit our WEB page for XSL Template


      Evaluation version is now available
      Antenna House invites you to download the evaluation version of XSL
      Template Designer V1.0 so that you can see for yourself just how easy
      and flexible the software is and how Designer brings a new level of
      capability to producing XML Forms. Please visit our WEB site and try


      * "Antenna House XSL Formatter V3.1" or later is required for the
      screen display (preview), the print, and the PDF output. Please refer
      to our Web site for the system requirements of Antenna House XSL
      * The generation of XSL-FO requires a Java environment be installed.
      You can
      download a Java environment from Java site of Sun Microsystems.
      * "XSL Formatter Barcode Option" is required to print barcode.
      "XSL Formatter Barcode Option" is only available for Windows.

      For sales inquiries and other opinion please email;

      Technical information please email;

      Thank you.