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5398XML WYSIWYG Editor

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  • Alexander Lohse
    Apr 1, 2004
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      I have a hard time searching for a simple affordable Text-Editor,
      preferably Java/Swing.
      What I am looking for is a solution to offer basic Text-Editing
      Features like: Bold/Italic/Alignment/FontSize/TabsStops
      The resulting documents (mainly business letters) should then be send
      Apache-FOP. A font-family option would by nice, but not necessary as I
      can handle this in my FO.

      I currently experiment with XHTML and Java's build in Editor, but I'm
      stroggleing with <table>'s.
      ("Real" TabStops and a Ruler would be nicer anyway.)

      It is hard to believe that I am unable to find any OpenSource Kit
      meeting such a basic need ... ?
      Can anyone point me to a source where might find either integratable
      Components (commercial or OS), or point me to a possible trail how to

      Thank you very much in advance,

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