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5397Sorting Problems with different languages

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  • xslfast_stefan
    Apr 1, 2004
      I have the following problem.

      I used the saxon processor for building fo-files because I used saxon
      extensions (variables) in XSL:FO. After generating the fo-file I used
      FOP 0.20.4 for generating the PDF-File.
      The sorting of polish texts is wrong, because it seems that the saxon
      processor didn't support the sort parameter lang="pl".

      Generating example:

      saxon -o test.fo test.xml test.xsl
      fop -c fopconfig.xml -fo test.fo -pdf test.pdf

      If I used the FOP directly all works fine and the sorting is correct:

      fop -c fopconfig.xml -xml test.xml -xsl test.xsl -pdf test.pdf

      But I need the 2-step generation with saxon call, because I used the
      saxon extension.

      My saxon version is 6_5_3.

      Can anybody help me?
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