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5040Re: How to change the page from portrait to landscape when encountering table?

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  • ca_xiaoyi2003
    Mar 11, 2004
      Thank you for your reply.
      Actually, I paid attention to PSMI. I studied it for some time.


      --- In XSL-FO@yahoogroups.com, "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@c...> wrote:
      > At 2004-03-11 13:42 +0000, ca_xiaoyi2003 wrote:
      > > Now I encounter a challenging problem in XSL-FO.
      > > when one attribute in the table element is 'land', the table
      need to
      > >be procedded in landscape format in the current position. So far,
      > >am frustrated in finding a solution.
      > Google for "table landscape xsl-fo" and you'll see the first link
      is a post
      > I made to the XEP list in this regard:
      > http://xep.xattic.com/lists/xep-support/1657.html
      > Your situation is the exemplar in our documentation for the PSMI
      > semantic that is supported by an XSLT 1.0 stylesheet available free
      > our web site. It is in the "Free resources" area linked from the
      > marginalia on our home page noted below.
      > Your requirement isn't met by "off-the-shelf" XSL-FO, but I found a
      > solution for it when I was presented with the situation by a
      customer, and
      > this generic solution Page Sequence Master Interleave (PSMI) is
      > available for all.
      > I hope this helps.
      > ....................... Ken
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