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4937Re: Applying a XML transformation before creating the PDF (FOP)

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  • ArminRox
    Feb 11, 2004
      Thanx Pietschmann, I liked the proposed "same style sheet" solution.

      --- In XSL-FO@yahoogroups.com, "J.Pietschmann" <j3322ptm@y...> wrote:
      > armin.keyvanloo@i... wrote:
      > > I need to apply a transformation to the source XML to strip out
      some of the
      > > elements from it before feeding it into FOP to create the PDF.
      > > I don't know how to chain the XSL's for fop. I tried using Saxon's
      > > next-in-chain attribute like this(transformer.xsl) by having 2
      XSL's one is
      > > transform and one to create the PDF. I called the transformer XSL
      1st (in
      > > the source XSL on FOP) and then use the next-in-chain to trigger
      the PDF
      > > generation:
      > First, check whether FOP really uses Saxon. If you use JDK 1.4,
      > it is more likely you are actually using the Xalan included in
      > the JDK, which wont recognize the extension.
      > If you really use Saxon, it is quite possible that the method
      > how the PDF renderer is docked onto the XSLT transformer also
      > ignores the required second transformation. Some possible
      > approaches:
      > 1. Do both transformations in the same style sheet. Save the
      > result from the first transformation into a variable, and
      > apply the second. Use modes for the tempaltes:
      > <xsl:stylesheet ...>
      > <xsl:template match="/">
      > <!-- start here -->
      > <xsl:variable name="pass-1-result">
      > <xsl:apply-templates select="." mode="pass1"/>
      > </xsl:variable>
      > <xsl:apply-templates select="saxon:node-set($pass-1-result)"
      > mode="pass2"/>
      > </xsl:template>
      > <xsl:template match="/" mode="pass1">
      > .... pass 1 stuff ...
      > </xsl:template>
      > <xsl:template match="/" mode="pass2">
      > <fo:root...
      > ...
      > </xsl:template>
      > You'll have to declare the saxon namespace in order to get the
      > node-set() extension function working.
      > 2. Use Saxon's FOP chaining in the second XSLT. Check the Saxon
      > documentation and perhaps the Saxon user list for details.
      > 3. Write a Java wrapper for both the transformations and FOP.
      > Start here:
      > http://xml.apache.org/fop/embedding.html#ExampleXML2PDF
      > and use the link to the source code.
      > Adding another transformation is a bit tricky, you'll have to
      > check the documentation for SAXTransformerHandler and
      > SAXTransformerFactory because one of the transformations has to
      > be created as SAX filter.
      > 4. Use Cocoon:
      > http://cocoon.apache.org
      > J.Pietschmann
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