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  • ronald heller
    Jul 17, 2001
      Hi there,

      is there an "easy" way of constructing an index for xsl fo?
      I do this while making use of "keyword" elements that are used throughout
      my documentation.

      Input example:

      <p>Lalala lala <keyword>Aarde</keyword> lalala lala</p>

      Output example:

      Aarde 1, 8
      Aaz 4,6

      Baan 2
      Baaz 4

      Cee 5
      Czz 7,9

      I hope this example is a bit clear. I want to generate an index, with
      pagenumbers, where duplicates (on the same pages) must be filtered out.

      How is this done in fo, for I only now which keywords appear on the same
      page AFTER I have generated the FO.
      So my guess is there is an option in FO to ensure this.
      Can anyone help on this subject, or at least give me some pointers??

      Best Regards

      Ronald Heller.