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4886PageSequence.java endless loop problem

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  • Mark Ivs
    Feb 3, 2004
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      I encountered an endless loop problem in the
      "format" method in PageSequence.java. There is a
      do-while statement in that method which always sets
      the status to 3 in my case, so the while loop never
      terminates. I looked at the FOP bug report, and I
      couldn't find any bug reported about this issue. Has
      anyone experienced this problem ?

      Whats the best way to fix this problem ?
      This is what I tried.....
      I can set a counter inside the while loop and if it
      exceeded the threshold value(I set it 50), then set
      the status to 1 ? When I did this, the endless loop
      didn't happen. But I noticed the data was duplicated
      numerous times in the generated PDF.

      I am not a java expert and since I don't understand
      FOP code in detail, I would really appreciate your

      I am using FOP0.20.5. This problem happens only with
      certain data in the xml.

      Thanks for your time.

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