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4752Re: [XSL-FO] Differences in FO processors

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  • Eliot Kimber
    Jan 8, 2004
      Gina Cicotello wrote:

      > Is there anyplace with documentation on which FO's are/are not supported by
      > each of these processors?

      From the Epic 4.3.1 release notes:

      For detailed information on XSL-FO support in Epic Editor, refer to
      Arbortext's annotation of the W3C XSL specification, located at
      Epic-path/docs/ati_xsl.pdf and
      Epic-path/docs/ati_xsl_support/ati_xsl.htm. This annotation details
      Arbortext's support for specific formatting objects and properties.
      (This documentation is also available on the distribution CD at
      /docs/ati.xsl.pdf and /docs/ati_xsl_support.zip.)

      Probably in the same place for Epic 4.4.


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