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4751RE: [XSL-FO] Differences in FO processors

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  • Ryan Graham
    Jan 8, 2004
      >I've been comparing the results between two different FO processors --
      >Arbortext (Epic 4.4 with Print Composer), and Antenna House (evaluation
      >version 2.5).
      >I'm getting MUCH better results with Antenna House.
      >Problems I've found in Arbortext:
      >- flatly ignores all "padding" attributes, whether in blocks or regions
      >- won't let me define block-containers that do NOT inherit the margins from
      >previous blocks
      >- screwing up the right margin on my footer (defined in a 3-cell table)
      >- ???
      >Is there anyplace with documentation on which FO's are/are not supported by
      >each of these processors?

      While you are comparing formatting engines, you may want to try RenderX's
      XEP engine as well. Each vendor should have a section in their
      documentation that outlines their product's support for the FO spec.
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