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4723Re: RE : [XSL-FO] Re: apache fop not rendering pdf. goes into endless loop

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  • Dave Pawson
    Jan 1, 2004
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      At 15:59 01/01/2004, David Tolpin wrote:

      >My guess is that you simply didn't change the default settings of Java
      >Virtual Machine,
      >which limits the heap size to 64 Megabytes, as it is described in almost
      >every Java
      >related FAQ. 1.5 gig is for 3000 pages long document at least.

      I've just done a 1929 pages, but as mentioned, the memory
      for the java implementation needed to be increased.

      java -Xms100M -Xmx200M did it for me.
      That for a 5.5 mb source file.

      HTH DaveP
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