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4560Re: [XSL-FO] xrefs

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  • J.Pietschmann
    Dec 1, 2003
      Norma Yeazell wrote:
      > I'm trying to get my xrefs to work properly, maybe I'm going about this
      > the wrong way, can anyone help?

      What does this mean? Do you get errors? Which errors? Is
      a PDF generated?

      > internal-destination="{@xrefid <BLOCKED::mailto:{@xrefid> }">
      This is not a valid XPath expression, as it should be.

      > <xsl:text>Fig. </xsl:text>
      > <xsl:number count="figure" level="any" from="mainfunc" format="1

      It's hard to decide whether this is correct without having a look
      at the complete input. The spec says
      "If the 'from' attribute is specified, then only nodes after the first
      node before the current node that match the from pattern are
      Maybe there is no mainfunc element starting before the xref element in

      > <xsl:template match="graphic">
      > <fo:wrapper keep-together.within-page="always">
      > <fo:external-graphic src="{@boardno}"/
      > <BLOCKED::mailto:{@boardno}"/> >
      Uh, another XML syntax error. Is this your mail client going berserk or

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