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4558Re: [XSL-FO] xrefs

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  • Chris Bowditch
    Dec 1 8:06 AM
      Norma Yeazell wrote:
      > I'm trying to get my xrefs to work properly, maybe I'm going about this
      > the wrong way, can anyone help?
      > What I want is to have the actual figure number which is generated to
      > appear beside the word Fig.
      > As in: See Fig. 3 for details.
      > The xml looks like :
      > See <xref xrefid="figure-1" xidtype="figure"></xref> for details.

      It would be helpful if we could see a bit more of your XML.

      > This is what I have right now in my FO and I get "See Fig. 0 for
      > details."
      > <xsl:template match="xref">
      > <fo:basic-link background-color="lightblue"
      > internal-destination="{@xrefid <BLOCKED::mailto:{@xrefid> }">
      > <xsl:text>Fig. </xsl:text>
      > <xsl:number count="figure" level="any" from="mainfunc" format="1
      > "/>

      Have you tried <xsl:number count="figure" format="1"/>

      Its just a guess at this stage. In order to suggest what this needs to
      be I would need more information on the structure of your XML.


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