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424chapter (continued) in region-before

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  • Kenneth J. Hughes
    May 31, 2001
      I'm beginning to think that the following is not possible:

      In the region-before of every page is the title of the current
      chapter. For pages other than the first page of a chapter,
      add the text " (continued)" to the chapter title in region-before.

      The problem is that fo:static-content cannot sense first versus
      subsequent pages of a chapter. Fo:simple-page-master / fo:region-before
      can sense this, but they allow formatting only, not content.

      It almost seems that markers could be used to achieve this effect.
      I could place an fo:marker containing " (continued)" right after
      each chapter title, and I could retrieve that on the first page of
      every chapter using <fo:retrieve-marker retrieve-position="first-
      starting-within-page>, but that'd yield the opposite of the desired
      effect: " (continued)" would be on the first page of each chapter
      rather than on all but the first chapter of each page. I feel
      like I must be missing something as it seems to be possible to get
      tantalizingly close.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you,

      Kenneth J. Hughes
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