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  • Tony Graham
    May 14, 2001
      Joshua Kimmel wrote at 14 May 2001 09:38:47 -0400:
      > Additionally, I haven't found anything that says that the current use of the
      > em unit is equal to the fonts current size. CSS books still claims its use
      > as being equal to the M of the current font, and fop's support for the em
      > unit doesn't hold up to that either.

      From the XSL CR: Relative Lengths

      A relative length is a unit-based value that is measured against
      the current value of the font-size property.

      There is only one relative unit of measure, the "em". The
      definition of "1em" is equal to the current font size. For example,
      a value of "1.25em" is 1.25 times the current font size.

      When an em measurement is used in an expression, it is converted
      according to the font-size value of the current property's
      context. The result of the expression is an absolute length. See ยง
      7.7.4 font-size on page 193


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