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365Re: [XSL-FO] Lookup Tables possible with XSL and FO??

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  • John E. Simpson
    May 3, 2001
      sg_goli@... wrote:

      > Is it possible to use multiple xml files as input with XSL using
      > FO. I use this process to create a PDF. Has anyone done this
      > before??

      Yes. In order to use multiple source trees, you need to use one of two

      (1) Use the document() function to open the second (third, fourth, etc.)
      source tree. This can be more or less pleasant, depending on how complex
      those alternate inputs are.

      (2) Use a multi-pass transformation: on step 1, process the first source
      tree; on step 2, use as the source tree the transformed result of step
      1; and so on. This is less complex than (1) for any given
      transformation, but of course you have to balance against that the fact
      that you've now got multiple transformations to manage. If you're using
      MSXML to transform to (X)HTML this may not be an option at all. (But you
      did say you're transforming to XSL-FO. In this case, the Apache
      Project's Cocoon might be a real solid choice for you, as long as you
      can live with the -- for now -- limitations of using FOP as the XSL-FO

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