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3555Getting special characters in FO

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  • Harm Kok
    Jun 2, 2003

      I am trying to get special characters (like ≤ <= sign or ≥
      is the >= sign) in my document. The font I am using is not supporting
      these families (Avenir).

      My first action was to look for a font that did support this characters
      (Arial) and put that as second one in the font-family like:
      font-family="Avenir, Arial"

      This did not work on Antenna House (and XEP).

      Antennahouse replied that I had to wait until the
      font-selections-strategy was implemented. Or I shoul specify the
      font-family for every special character that comes along.

      What I would like is a stylesheet that takes a list of characters and a
      backup font. Every time a character from this list is encountered it
      puts a fo:inline or fo:character around this and specifies the backup
      font as font-family.

      This is some text with x ≤ y ≤ z

      This is some text with x <fo:inline
      font-family="Arial">≤</fo:inline> y <fo:inline
      font-family="Arial">≤</fo:inline> z

      I hope somebody can help me.


      Harm Kok
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