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3224Re: [XSL-FO] trouble with table indentation using FOP .24

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  • W. Eliot Kimber
    Apr 2, 2003
      David Tolpin wrote:
      >> <fo:table table-layout="fixed" start-indent=".5in">
      >> <fo:table-column column-number="1" column-width=".25in"/>
      >> <fo:table-column column-number="2" column-width=".25in"/>
      >> <fo:table-column column-number="3" column-width=".25in"/>
      > And zero start-indent specified explicitely on all table-cells or table-rows
      > to stop this 0.5in from being inherited to blocks inside cells.

      You can specify the start-indent on fo:table-body--you shouldn't have to
      do it on each row or cell.


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