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3216trouble with table indentation using FOP .24

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  • slaughter222000
    Apr 2 12:05 PM
      Hi all,

      I'm having a problem trying to indent a table or even right justifying
      it. I have used just about every attribute I can think of using to
      try and fix the problem and nothing has worked (margin-left,
      padding-left, text-align, start-indent, etc). I've tried applying
      these attributes to the fo:table element like so:

      <fo:table table-layout="fixed" margin-left="1in">.

      I have also tried containing the table tag within the <fo:block> tag
      and attaching the attribute to it like so:

      <fo:block start-indent="1in">
      <fo:table table-layout="fixed>

      So far all of my actions result in the table staying at the page
      margin, the text inside the table moving, or the parent block moving
      correctly(found this by adding borders to the block), but the stubborn
      table still stays left justified.... I'm trying to get the entire
      table to indent... Does anyone know how to fix this while still using
      the FOP rendering engine?

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