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3205Re: SVG scaling

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  • barnninny
    Apr 1, 2003
      --- In XSL-FO@yahoogroups.com, "Victor Mote" <vic@o...> wrote:
      > The example you gave isn't running FOP at all. FOP uses Batik, but
      > Batik doesn't use FOP.

      If I read the documentation correctly, Batik does require FOP if you
      want to transcode to PDF.

      > (Again), I am no expert here, but I wouldn't be
      > surprised to find out that the pdf support has been added since
      Batik 1.1.

      See above. It appears to me that Batik doesn't directly support PDF
      at all.

      > would recommend upgrading your Batik, or perhaps running the
      command you
      > listed above using the same CLASSPATH that you would for running
      FOP, so
      > that the Batik jar file that comes with FOP (i.e. an upgraded
      version of
      > Batik) would get used instead of your 1.1.

      I haven't set a CLASSPATH. Perhaps that's what I need to do in
      order for Batik to find the FOP libraries.

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